Back pain affects 8 out of every 10 people at some stage in their life. All Physiotherapists at Physio Freedom are experienced and highly skilled in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of back pain.

Common conditions we treat include: back sprains and strains, disc injuries, facet joint stiffness, postural dysfunction, headaches and neck ache, sciatica, stress fractures of the back, arthritis, spondylolysthesis, back spasms, sacro-iliac joint problems and coccyx injuries.

Your Physiotherapist will complete a detailed assessment, provide an accurate diagnosis (including a clear treatment plan) and a “hands on” approach to treatment. Techniques utilised include deep tissue therapy, mobilisation, manipulation, muscle energy techniques, dry needling, postural correction, core strengthening including Pilates based exercises and home stretching exercises.

Please call our team to start your journey towards a pain free back. Call us on  (03) 5500 5271 for Warrnambool  or 03 5571 9157 for Hamilton.